Zsiga bar, Budapest VIII. district
2016 + Retail + Completed
Location Budapest-VIII. district

Horváth Mihály tér, Budapest, District 8. An external addition to the eccentric watering hole Zsiga Bár, this booth measures approximately 2x6 meters and has a ceiling height of about 2.5 meters. A wooden structure built from scrapped doors and windows salvaged in the area, its roof is clad with metal sheets and features some accented moldings. With an ambiance that of a quirky theater stage set, Zsiga’s pavilion feels as though it has been here forever. Born of a unique idea and staying as far away from mass consumption as possible, it has found its organic place in the microcosm of Horváth Mihály tér.

Terrace Bar360
2014 + Retail + Completed
Location Budapest
Smack in the middle of downtown Budapest at Andrássy út 39, on top of what once had been the Paris Department Store, there is a roof terrace that in the late 19th century used to function as an ice skating rink. Now the flagship store of bookseller chain Alexandra, this building — impeccably restored by Tiba Architects Studio — is home to a handful of A-list offices, with a lovely café and confectionary awaiting guests in the Lotz Hall at the Paulay Ede utca side. After years of neglect, the roof terrace was reopened in 2014, with Bar360 as its name and the entire city as its backdrop. All structural elements and finishes were completed during the renovation. The identity and furniture were provided by the Developer, my task was to handle the permit procedure with the cultural heritage protection authorities. The results are nothing short of astonishing.
LUMEN Cofeeshop. Budapest VIII. district
2013 + Retail + Completed
Location Budapest, 8th district

Located at the intersection of Krúdy Gyula utca and Mikszáth tér, in a neighborhood locally known as Palotanegyed (literally Palace Quarter), at the heart of Budapest's District 8. In a landmark building adjacent to Lumen, a hole-in-the-wall café since 2010 that also prouds itself as a photo gallery and artisan coffee roasting shop, another coffee shop cum culture pub has been born in 2013. Overlooking a gorgeous urban square, the place snuggles perfectly into its surroundings. At a mere 60 square meters of floor space, the three-section commercial unit features a sunny storefront of uncluttered space, peppered only with a few tables, that is ideal for cultural happenings of all sorts. The bar and service functions are located towards the back.