Sculpture of Kéthly Anna
2014 + Others + Plan only
Location Budapest
Located on the promenade stretching between the Parliament and the Government Building on the Embankment, at the mouth of Markó utca is the spot where a statue of former social democrat politician Anna Kéthly had been envisioned. In a restricted tender, sculpture artist Tamás Varga submitted his bid and asked me to partner with him as landscape architect. A quote from the bid: “… The planned sculpture is to present one of the foremost thinkers of the 20th century, a charismatic leader of social democracy and the feminist movement, and among the first women parliamentarians… Just like a mythological creature, she has her own living arbour. I believe that’s the least such a larger-than-life female personality deserves…” According to the tender announcement, bids were supposed to be assessed on 8 May 2014. Instead, the procedure was terminated on behalf of the tenderers (District Mayor Antal Rogán and Speaker of the Parliament László Kövér) without the results ever being announced. Meanwhile, a perfidious monument for the Nazi occupation was kludged nearby virtually overnight…