CollaborEIGHT coworking office
2019 + Office + Completed
Location Budapest VIII. district

Budapest, District 8, Palace Quarter. Collabor8 is a co-working office built on the second floor of a gorgeous 19th-Century downtown palace since 2016. Having retained the original layout, doors, windows, and even some of the cladding, we strived to keep alterations to the very minimum. Intended for shared use by professionals of various fields, new rooms were created and design furniture and necessary building mechanicals were installed, so that members of the co-working community could make the most of their time here and shape the place to their liking. First expanded in 2018 and since then each year, the office provides workspace for up to 40 people across a current total area of 450 sqm.

Attorney in law office
2017 + Office + Completed
Location Budapest IX. district

Budapest, District 9. Originally known as the Gizella Mill on Tinódi utca, this building has undergone significant structural refurbishment, with high-ceiling loft units on its upper floors. I was commissioned to design a law office in the approximately 200 sq m of commercial space that occupied the northeast corner on the ground floor. Amidst the facade’s original brickwork surfaces, new visible concrete structures, and the glass walls that partition the less-sundrenched interior space, a pleasant work environment was born.

Digital editing studio
2012 + Office + Completed
Location Budapest

Measuring a mere 270 sq feet (25 sq meters), this room is used as a digital film editing studio. After the installation of cutting-edge editing and lighting equipment, the place called for a stylish interior that has the aura of a movie theater. That is, while primarily functioning as a special workplace, it also has to make first-time viewing of the completed or near-completed work possible for the director, client or whoever is in charge of the final editing.