Atic conversion. Budapest, district II.
2021 + Residential + Completed
Location Budapest, district II.

Nestled in an elegant Buda street is this pre-war villa that has been preserved in near original condition, where a charming apartment had to be created as part of a loft conversion. Now complete with an exclusive new balcony on the south side, the resulting living space provides plenty of indoor comfort while seamlessly integrating both into the art deco design of the facade that is visible from the street and into the neighborhood itself. The construction permit procedure took place at a time when the legislature was busy harmonizing the ‘simplified residential building notification’ and ‘townscape notification’ processes with conventional permit procedures in Hungarian public administration. This has yet to be implemented without hiccups, but in this particular case local authorities were absolutely puzzled in deciding whether the planned development constituted an expansion. The construction finished, the owner uses the apartment.

Renovation, apartement house
2019 + Residential + In progress
Location Budapest VIII district

For this five-storey building I was commissioned by the Condo Board to design the renovation of the hanging corridor, a conversion for the yard and the reconstruction of the gate vestibule. With hints of both Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles, this gorgeous piece of architecture was built between 1909 and 1911 according to the designs of Béla Löffler and Sándor Löffler. Besides designing new reinforced slabs for the hanging corridors, we also paid attention to preserving and refurbishing the original handrails and to the installation of new flooring. In the yard we created paved and landscaped green surfaces, along with a new water fountain. The gate vestibule was intended to be reconstructed with a definite Art Deco vibe. The Condo Board has yet to award the works to contractors, which is rather unfortunate because the hanging corridors are in danger of collapsing, while the yard and the vestibule will continue to deteriorate for years to come.

Family house conversion, Budapest II. district
2019 + Residential + Completed
Location Budapest II. district

Built in 1992 according to the design of Attila Lebedi, this fully detached family home is situated in a sloped piece of land with excellent features, right on the edge of the Nagykovácsi forest, where the city limit crosses the street. I was commissioned to redesign the facades and the roof primarily because the house, which was otherwise in perfect structural condition, had gone outdated in terms of overall aesthetics. My designs entailed a complete re-insulation of the roof and outer walls, and a somewhat apparent alteration in the contours of the roof, which was re-tiled with dark terracotta tiles. Doors and windows were also replaced with dark-framed structures, with an assortment of standing seam roofing sheets and other cladding elements also installed. On the foundation and other facade sections, however, the projected dark-toned fiber-cement panel siding was eventually left uninstalled. The project was completed, albeit not without significant conflicts. The end result, while deviating a bit from our original designs, is still worthy of praise nonetheless.