Atic conversion. Budapest, district II.
2021 + Residential + Completed
Location Budapest, district II.

Nestled in an elegant Buda street is this pre-war villa that has been preserved in near original condition, where a charming apartment had to be created as part of a loft conversion. Now complete with an exclusive new balcony on the south side, the resulting living space provides plenty of indoor comfort while seamlessly integrating both into the art deco design of the facade that is visible from the street and into the neighborhood itself. The construction permit procedure took place at a time when the legislature was busy harmonizing the ‘simplified residential building notification’ and ‘townscape notification’ processes with conventional permit procedures in Hungarian public administration. This has yet to be implemented without hiccups, but in this particular case local authorities were absolutely puzzled in deciding whether the planned development constituted an expansion. The construction finished, the owner uses the apartment.

Hotel Akadémia, Budapest
2021 + Retail and Lodging + Completed
Location Budapest, V. district

An international hotel management company seeked to establish a 110-room, five-star hotel in the heart of Budapest, in two adjacent corner buildings built in the 19th century. All arcitectural and consultants' drawings was completed in cooperation with the Barcelona-based design agency Capella García Arquitectos (CGA). Spanish interior designs required coordination as well. Even though this highly complex process ended with the granting of a binding building permit and with detailed designs suitable for implementation, the economic turmoil of 2008 and 2009 brought the project to a standstill. It was the conflict between innovative solutions for hotel functions and the features of a historic building that made the assignment especially interesting. In the course of the long planning process, I created each document together with architect Ádám Sylvester. The project was re-designed in 2015. Following a rather convoluted building permit procedure, Market Zrt. was in charge of the construction. The hotel opened in september, 2021.

Reconstruction facade, Akadémia street
2020 + Facade + Completed
Location Budapest, Akadémia street 15-17

An international hotel management company established a 110-room, five-star hotel in the heart of Budapest, in two adjacent corner buildings built in the 19th century. Under local zoning regulations, planes of the original roof must be preserved. We have opted for a historically faithful restoration of facades despite the fact that none of these buildings are actually landmark-protected. Originally used as the Embassy of Austria, the corner building located at Akadémia utca 17 received a small extension and a full restoration of its ornate triple gate, thereby regaining its Empire splendor. The other building, situated at the corner of Akadémia utca and Steindl Imre utca, was initially built as a condominium, and now fits seamlessly into its surroundings thanks to a complete reconstruction and insulation of its facades. In both buildings, inner facades were restored largely based on original blueprints and given cutting-edge thermal insulation. I worked in this project alongside fellow architect Ádám Sylvester from 2008 through 2020.