CollaborEIGHT coworking office
2019 + Office + Completed
Location Budapest VIII. district
Budapest, District 8, Palace Quarter. Collabor8 is a co-working office built on the second floor of a gorgeous 19th-Century downtown palace since 2016. Having retained the original layout, doors, windows, and even some of the cladding, we strived to keep alterations to the very minimum. Intended for shared use by professionals of various fields, new rooms were created and design furniture and necessary building mechanicals were installed, so that members of the co-working community could make the most of their time here and shape the place to their liking.
Apartment conversion, Budapest, district I.
2019 + Residential building, apartement + Completed
Location Budapest 1st. district

A Várnegyedben, az egyik XIX. században épült, majd az 1944-es ostrom során erősen sérült lakóépület harmadik emeletén lévő két lakásból alakítottuk ki az itt bemutatott, 150 m2 alapterületű, három hálószobás, két fürdőszobás, polgári lakást.

Family house, Budapest XIII. district
2018 + Residential building, apartement + Completed
Location Budapest, district XIII.

Located on a former industrial site that had been taken over for inner city residential developments ages ago, this 19th-Century building once served as a reception hall. Dilapidated and its original function long gone, the tiny abode standed virtually unnoticed in the heart of the city. My task was to transform the building and its yard into an intimate setting, one that is perfect for a family with three kids.